Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Youth Stand Up

Our vision is a Canada where young people are socially engaged, included in their communities and have their voices heard.

We recognize the power of art to raise awareness, create change and help find and implement solutions to social problems. We support programs and initiatives that give courageous young men and women a platform to amplify their voices and to take actions. We believe the arts, culture, creative ideas, innovative practices, skill building and education can transform the lives of underserved youth and ignite some truly transformational leadership.

Our Values

Youth Engaging with

Our unique approach is focused on building bonds of trust and collaboration between young people and their communities. We are guided by our four main values:

• Active citizenship
• Innovation and creativity
• Dialogue, collaboration and inclusion
• Social and collective responsibility

Our Mission

Amplifying Youth Voices

Our mission is to be a catalyst for social change by creating programs that give youth a platform to amplify their voices.

We encourage dialogue between marginalized youth and their communities through arts-based initiatives that foster creative and constructive connections. We encourage opportunities for mentorship, collaboration, entrepreneurship, innovation, dialogue and social peace.

We support young people in engaging their communities to create change. We support their creativity, their integration, their sense of purpose and their transformative leadership.

We act in partnership with young people in exclusion to show them that they are not alone, but crucially part of the solution. We act to promote a dynamic, inclusive and accessible environment for all people.