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National Black Canadians Summit Series 2021 – Breaking Barriers to Education: Dismantling systemic racism while creating pathways for black student success

On June 22nd, join a conversation with education leaders and trailblazers about the systemic changes needed to redress the issues faced by Black learners in all levels of education.

“Black students of all backgrounds and generations have lower levels of educational attainment than their white and other racialized counterparts. Disturbingly, third generation students – especially males – had the weakest educational record on every metric: being in an academic program of study, graduating from high school, pursuing and graduating from university.” Carl E. James, Colour Matters, University of Toronto Press, 2021

This disturbing portrait of the trajectory of Black learners demands our immediate and undivided attention as educational outcomes are correlated with the cultural, social, economic and political welfare of Black communities.

In this panel discussion, we will seek solutions to actively dismantle systems and structures that exclude and disadvantage Black people, while simultaneously identifying new pathways, supports and programs that aim to remove these barriers. The discussion will also highlight case studies demonstrating positive impact and sustainable change. A question period will follow.
The virtual event will begin at 6:30 pm ET/ 7:30 pm ADT
with admission beginning at 6:15 pm ET/ 7:15 pm ADT