Press release | May 16, 2023

The Halifax Declaration – a collective, unified roadmap for real change

Ottawa, May 16, 2023︱Today, Canada’s Black community has embarked on a historic moment – the publication of the Halifax Declaration for the Eradication of Racial Discrimination. The Halifax Declaration is […]

Initiatives | February 6, 2023

Nova Scotia Assembly Adopts Unanimous Resolution Supporting National Black Canadians Summit

On October 17, 2019, the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia adopted a unanimous resolution supporting the third edition of the National Black Canadians Summit, to be held March 20–22, 2020 […]

Equity | February 6, 2023

Racism makes life a constant struggle for Black Canadians

Michaëlle Jean | Contributed to the Globe and Mail | Published June 12, 2020. Of all the scourges afflicting humanity, the most devastating and recurrent is racism. Largely propelled by […]

News | February 6, 2023

United, let’s move forward in 2021!

The year 2020 changed the course of our history and that of the planet. In only a few weeks, all our certainties collapsed. Now, more than ever, we need to […]

Initiatives | February 6, 2023

The Power of the Arts! Elek Dora and the Visegrad Project

During the 2018 Power of the Arts Forum organized by the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, we had the pleasure of welcoming Elek Dora, director of the Baltazar theater in Budapest (Hungary). […]


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