The world is listening. Our time is now.

To ensure that the stories of Black Canadians are told, we must be the ones to hold the pen — starting with the history of Black Nova Scotians, a largely untold story that highlights how our community’s many contributions and innovations have gone unrecognized. Through our stories, we will ensure that future generations of Black Canadians know and take pride in their history and their identity. Black history is Canadian history.

From July 29 to 31st, 2022, join us in Halifax for an event where, together, where we will our experience, raise awareness about major challenges we face and open a national conversation on ways to enhance social cohesion, as well as promote an inclusive, equitable and sustainable development for all Canadians.

The Summit is now closed – consult our website to know more about future Summits.

We recognize that words without actions are just dreams, that is why we plan to collectively formulate solutions and tangible actions for our governments, organizations and communities.

DeRico Symonds, Co-Chair of National Black Canadians Summit, Halifax, 2022 Edition

We look forward to July 2022 and the meaningful conversations, actions, and collaborations that will continue to create space for all African Descent People to thrive.

Vanessa Fells, Co-Chair of National Black Canadians Summit, Halifax, 2022 Edition