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The 4th Wall: Make the Invisible Visible The 4th Wall: Make the Invisible Visible
The 4th Wall: Make the Invisible Visible
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Power of the Arts National Forum Power of the Arts National Forum
Power of the Arts National Forum
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How We Deliver Impact

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Start The Conversation

We commission youth to create art that highlights and addresses specific issues affecting them and their communities. Major art galleries and museums then feature the artwork to spread awareness and spark conversation.

Mobilize The Community

We organize public forums to facilitate meaningful conversations between underserved youth and members of the community. Together, they brainstorm and develop an action plan for creating sustainable solutions to the challenges raised by the artwork.

Bringing our support to communities

We help fund youth-driven organizations to work with their communities to bring to life innovative solutions.

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“Words can’t explain how I am feeling. I am very humbled, and I want to say this foundation is going to change many lives all over the world. ”
– Benjamin Kwofie, featured in our “Arts Save Lives” campaign.
“We hosted a youth storytelling arts program in Baker Lake, Nunavut. Many parents spoke to us after about how often their children speak of the program and how much they enjoy doing arts.”
– Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt, Nunavut-based author and storyteller.
“I think that togetherness and solidarity are the backbone of a great nation Events like this help create cohesiveness that is much Needed in our modern day individualistc society. ”
– Gabrielle Mauffette, young artist and activist from St. Jerome.
“I feel more confident that any dream you dream can come true. In Algonquin, we say Kitchi gwenatch, which means very awesome. Megwetch [Thank you] to the Michaëlle Jean Foundation. ”
– Marie-Cecile Nottaway, young entrepreneur featured in the “Arts Save Lives” campaign.
“Young Canadians tell us that more spaces should be available for youth to express themselves on social issues and to work on innovative solutions. We agree!”
– Fondation Michaëlle Jean Foundation.


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Offer a platform to youth who use the arts for social change.

La Fondation Michaëlle Jean Foundation acknowledges the unceded territories of all the Inuit, Métis and First Nations peoples on which we meet and work.