A new Executive Director for the Michaëlle Jean Foundation!

After three years leading the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, Tara Lapointe, whom we hold in the highest regard, is poised to embrace new professional challenges elsewhere. 

Tara demonstrated commitment to the Foundation’s objectives and focus on strategic planning, increasing outreach to stakeholders nationally and coherence across our programs. Her many qualities and solid expertise, not to mention the invaluable experience she has gained with our organization, undoubtedly make her an outstanding asset in her future endeavours.  

Edward Matwawana, our Program Director, who has worked closely with Tara over these past years, now succeeds her at the helm of the Foundation as Executive Director. His contributions and leadership have been critical to the Foundation’s achievements and successes. 

With his creative and entrepreneurial spirit and in-depth understanding of the Michaëlle Jean Foundation’s mission and ambitions, coupled with his extensive experience in the field, close and trusting ties with our partners, and ability to work in conjunction with communities and young people alongside whom we operate, Edward is already hard at work. Under his guidance, mobilization is firmly underway for the forthcoming National Black Canadians Summit, to be held in Montreal from September 6 to 8, 2024. 

At the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, our team stands united, at one with each of you, our valued friends. We are dedicated to collective leadership, believing in the momentum of our ongoing movement, fuelled by your actions and steadfast determination because together, we are stronger. 

We thank you for your trust, which makes all the difference.