The 4th Wall is our flagship program, providing youth who face exclusion an opportunity and support to engage in an artistic process, create with purpose and showcase their work in a museum or gallery setting. Young artists create a work of art that addresses or brings awareness to a social issue that affects them personally. During the process, they are given access to institutional resources, coaching and professional mentorship.

Once the art is completed, the museum installs the exhibit, and we host a public forum to engage and mobilize the public. We bring the community together (everyone from elected officials and decision-makers, to teachers, social workers, professionals from different sectors, and the general public) to have a meaningful dialogue around the artists’ work. The art starts a conversation and opens a doorway to challenging conversations.

Partner museums and galleries have included the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City, and the Silk Road Institute in Ottawa.


  • Encourage young people to participate in social, economic, cultural and political life of the region
  • Facilitate networking, collaboration, and dialogue between community members facing barriers and the wider community
  • Affirm the power of the arts to drive social transformation and provide ongoing support for young artists
  • Make museums and galleries accessible and inviting to young people
  • Create a framework for future action and a final report


  • Must be between 17 and 30 years of age
  • Must be a visual artist
  • Demonstrates a strong passion for social change
  • Can present artistic work by bringing awareness to social issues

Other program information

Youth who are selected will receive funding assistance to create their artwork.


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