FMJF Bursaries.
Investing in
Tomorrow’s Leaders

FMJF Bursaries.Investing inTomorrow’s Leaders FMJF Bursaries.Investing inTomorrow’s Leaders

Michaëlle Jean Bursary: Young Arts

Our Young Arts Entrepreneur program provides start-up or consolidation funds to young Canadians who are creating businesses that use the arts as tools to create social change. We also support recipients by providing them with a mentor who will help them define and build a rigorous and effective business plan.

Jean-Daniel Lafond Bursary: Acting with
the arts for social change

The Jean-Daniel Lafond Bursary provides funding, encouragement and training to young Canadian changemakers who are using the arts to address social issues and energize disadvantaged communities. We also provide recipients with one-on-one mentorship support to help guide them as they use their artistic talents to ignite social change.

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