Youth Arts Community Mixer

“What makes a community arts space ideal for creativity and growth?” This question was at the heart of the Youth Arts Community Mixer, which was helf for the first time at the Rideau-Rockcliffe CRC. Whether during the discussion portion or the mixer, conversations were being held that stressed how difficult it can be to access arts spaces and the essential and collective work needed to create an inclusive future for youth.  

Nothing emphasized how important these spaces are more than the presentations by our five youth artists. These artists displayed a range of artforms from craftsmanship to fashion to photography and music. Big shoutouts to our performers, all attendees, Wendley Pierre for photography and to Emmanuel Antonin for being a spectacular host! We can’t thank Rideau-Rockcliffe CRC enough for allowing us into their wonderful space. 

Did you miss out on this event? Looking for a space to showcase your artwork? Keep your eyes peeled to our socials as this will not be the last! 

William Komaksiutiksak


Kiera Meeks


Ollie Milling


Emmanuel Solomon


Tolorunlogo Akinrinola